General Rules

No contestant or family member may attempt to communicate with the judges before or during the pageant, any attempt to do so will result in immediate disqualification of the contestant.

We expect all contestants to conduct themselves in keeping with the usual customary standards of good sportmanship, any behaviour deemed to be disruptive or unsportsmanlike before, during or after the pageant on the night will result in disqualification of the contestant.

All decisions are final, there is no procedure for protesting the organisations decision.

On the day of the pageant no friends are family member are allowed in the changing area.

At all rehearsal attendance and on the day of the show all contestants are responsible for their belongings. No contestant  or family member will hold the Miss over50 and fabulous pageant organisation , it directors or staff members or pageant venue liable for any illness injury or any loss incurred before during or after the pageant.