Are you fun, bubbly and enjoy a lovely challenge then enter this lovely pageant.

Contestants who enter the Miss Over 50 and Fabulous Pageant will take part  in 3 categories:


Ladies are required for the 1st category to wear stylish and elegant daywear that reflects them, example would be if you were going to a garden party, ascot or a afternoon lunch.


This should be stylish Sports or Leisure wear 


This should be elegant long gown, again that reflects you, example would be if you attending the posh opera or a glamourous ball.

If you have any problems trying to put things together or come up with ideas please do not hesitate to let the organisers know.

All participants taking part must attend all rehearsals

There will be a questions round which you should answer in a professional manner for the judges. The questions you are asked will be something about you.

For the crowning of the winners there will be 3 winners, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

This pageant is open to women of all nationalities.